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It's been a while since the website has had an update, so here it is along with a new look. First, be sure to click the like button and show off my new site design to everyone on facebook for me. Next, I promise to keep up on the twitter account.. it's been used very little and I plan to change that habit. It's a great way to get instant race results up on the site and I plan on using it a lot more. And along with that I have added a new photo updater so everyone can see what is going on at the track instantly using Instagram. We should have lots of fun photos coming soon!


Brainerd International Raceway 09-15-12

Brainerd is one of my favorite tracks that I have only recently been able to return to. The drive time there is just a few minutes longer than to Blackhawk Farms which makes choosing where to go race at a little difficult. But this time Brainerd won out. It was to be a lonely drive there, so I enlisted my boy Kurtis (crew chief) to go with.

Brainerd now has two courses. The original long course and a newer short course. This weekend racing would be on the original which is just fine with me. I have never raced the short course. The CRA, the club that holds the races there has a good following and they race there once a month May through September.

Friday was an all day practice, Saturday would be sprint races, and Sunday there was a five hour endurance race. I couldn't stay for Sunday so it would be practice and three sprint races for me.

Practice went well, but I just wasn't getting to the lap times I wanted. Now that I am home and have lots of time to think about the weekend I know where I could have made up some time and moved my lap times down.. and those are in my notes for next year already.

My three races were really uneventful for me. I got good starts but never took the lead. I feel that I could really have done better than I did and will work with my notes to finish better and lower my lap times next time at BIR. Here's how I finished: Middleweight Superbike 11th, Middleweight Grand Prix 7th, and Formula 40 2nd.

My plans for next year are to be racing, but where is the question. Either the five race CRA schedule or whatever the CCS comes up with.. or maybe a combination of both like I did this year. I really would like to race for a championship again so we'll have to see when each club releases their schedule. Until then I'll be at the BMX track! --->Jimmy

Another good exit of turn 9 at BIR


Blackhawk Farms 07-01-12

The trip to Blackhawk is an easy seven and a half to eight hour drive from Omaha. The track has made several major improvements over the past couple of years which make it a nice place to race at. This trip I had my full crew with me (Angee and Kurtis) to lend a hand. With them along and nice weather it looked to be a good weekend of racing ahead.

Blackhawk Pit Crew with Bike Repaired

Saturday was an all day practice, and I needed it. It turned out that the new pavement in the last turn and the first turn did not last the way it should have after a car event a month or two before this race weekend. The pavement was all tore up and there was a very narrow line to get through both turns. As it would turn out about halfway through the day I crashed in turn one due to the terrible racing surface. Luckily I had the rest of the day and a bunch of spare parts to get my bike back together with.

Sunday morningpractice went well as everything felt good with my bike. With three races to go I got a new set of Michelin Slicks from my favorite tire guy Tom Mason. Nothing makes your bike feel better than a new set of race tires.

My first race of the day was Solo GTU. As usual I got a great start and made it through turn one as clean as possible. About halfway through the race though my lack of conditioning this summer was catching up to me and I started to fade. I ended up finishing 5th.

Next up was Middleweight Formula 40, my favorite class. Once again I got an awesome launch and led the first two laps. From there I got passed and raced on to an uneventful second place finish which felt really good after fading in my first race.

The last race of the day for me was Unlimited Formula 40. Guess what.. another stellar holeshot! I led for the first lap and then fought hard to the finish and ended up with another second place finish. This one was a little more sweeter though as I race a 600cc bike against the 1000cc bikes. The weekend turned out to be beautiful, and on top of that it was announced that the weekend had the biggest grids (most race entries per class) that the Championship Cup Series has had in our area for a long time.

See ya next race!-->Jimmy



Road America is my favorite track. It's long and fast and those are the type of tracks I like. This trip I was granted the company of fellow racer Joe Wolf. He attended one of my MAM Rider School classes in years past and has continued to get some racing in each year. Joe has become a good friend and is always a welcome travel/racing buddy.

With all of the great weather we have had during this spring we figured our luck may run out this weekend.. and it did. Friday's practice was cold but dry. The day went by pretty quick as I got a bunch of time on the track. My bike was working well and I knew I could ride harder once race time came around.

Races were going to go fast as this was a double point race weekend. This means they run the same races Saturday and Sunday rather than just one day of racing. I entered three each day, and Sundays weather wasn't looking good.

Winning F40 at Road America!

Up first on Saturday for me was the Middleweight Superbike race. On the warm up lap I noticed my bike was starting to push out coolant through my overflow bottle, but the bike temp was fine.. Now up to this point my bike worked great in morning practice and all day practice on Friday. So I lined up for the start hoping that everything was going to be ok. As the flag waved I got my usual great start and was into turn one in 3rd position. Then going into turn three I made a little mistake and got passed by a few riders who were directly behind me. Great. I put my head down and road a decent race ending up in 7th. I should have been closer to the front, but just one mistake is all it takes sometimes. So as I pull into our pit area I look down at my coolant bottles and they are overflowing with coolant, but my bike is still not overheating. So I let the bike cool and refill the radiator and get ready for the Formula 40 race.

Now on the warm up lap for F40 I again notice that coolant is flowing out of the radiator filling my overflow bottles again. I put it in the back of my head and get ready for the start. I get the holeshot and lead into turn one. I get passed a couple of times during the race and get my spots back. I also know that I am getting chased very closely when we start to come into some lapped riders on the last lap. I am really good at getting through traffic and gap my follower just enought to give me a little comfort at the finish line and bring it home in first! Winning at my favorite track is always really sweet.

Once back at the pit area again all of the coolant is in the overflow bottles. This is not good as my next race is only one race after the one I just finished. So all in a rush I take off the radiator cap too soon and spray hot coolant everywhere! Good thing I still had my gear on as it protected me from the hot coolant. At least no one was hurt and we got my bike back going just as the bikes for my race are heading out. So I jump on and go! At the start I of course got a great start but by turn one I am already getting past. This is supposed to be middleweight GP, but man those bikes are extra fast. So I end up with a really good battle all race long only to be beat at the line. I ended up 4th.. so I thought. It turns out that in my mad dash to get my bike ready I counted the races long and I was actually out in the wrong race with unlimited bikes. Well, I've never been in the wrong race before so there's a first, but I still finished in fourth with the big bikes! LOL I ended up missing my race because it was the next race.

So I spent the rest of the day helping Joe with his races and working on my bike trying to get it ready for the next days racing without the coolant issue. I never could nail it down, but I kind of figured it was going to need a new head gasket as this engine did the same thing to me last season. Saturday night we went out for steaks with a bunch of other racers to top off our great Road America experience. On Sunday the rains came, and came and came. It was a miserable cold rain. I had decided early on that I had already spent my budget since I was going to have to pull apart my engine when I got back home so there was no need to spend the extra money on rain tires. I waited all day long for one race hoping it may dry up. It didn't. So I went out in the rain on slicks and did one slow lap in my F40 race to try and gain some valuable points. Which I am glad I did as that allowed me to be in the position I am now.. 1st in points for the season in F40! See ya next time-----> Jimmy



Heartland Park turned out to be a great weekend with great weather. I cringe at the thought of a race scheduled in March, but it turned out great and the racing gods pulled one out of the hat for us.

Woodcraft Brake lever Guard - a great new safety item

Before I headed to Topeka I added a nice new safety feature to my bike.. a Woodcraft Brake Lever Guard. It's purpose is to protect your brake lever from being pushed by accident from brushing or bumping into another rider. You will see these becoming more popular in the near future as they are actually required for bikes in MotoGP.

Friday March 30 was an all day practice day and it came in handy. Since I don't get much practice I usually end up having to race myself into shape the first couple of weekends. Practice days are also good for trying new setups and finding anything you may have missed over the winter break.

I ended up trying Michelins new slicks and found out they have made some nice improvements. I also changed up my gearing to see if I liked it any different. During practice I was able to get right back into the lap times I normally do at HPT, but with being a bit out of shape it was hard for me to stay as consistent as I would like to have been. It's definitely time to get back on the bicycle and pumping out some miles!

Milroy Racing Headquarters at HPT

A friend from Omaha came down with his daughter to watch the races and lend a hand on Saturday. They showed up first thing in the morning and just in time for some racing (Mike and Hanna). My first race was Solo GTU, a 25 minute timed sprint race. I got an awesome holeshot start. All those days of drag racing my buddy Troy 25 years ago have paid dividends for me over the years! I settled into a good pace and ended up 5th for my first race of the weekend.

After that was Middleweight Superbike. Once again a great start, but as I leveraged my bike over into turn four my left handlebar pulled in all the way to the frame. So I stood the bike up and ran wide and got off the racing line. I had had my forks off a couple weeks before to change my fork oil and I must not have gotten my bar completely tight. I made it through a full day of practice and didn't show up. Luckily it was an easy fix, and I went through and double checked everything else on the bike.


Next up was Middleweight GP. You can watch the first lap of this race right here-------------->
I got a decent start, held my own, and brought it home in 4th place. Mike told me I looked like I meant business after that race. I think he was right because after missing out on the last one I was definitely ready to race.

For 2012 the Championship Cup Series split up the F40 racers into even more bike displacement groups. So I ended up in the Middleweight F40 class. Again holeshot! But I ended 2nd today as I was running out of steam after the long hot day of racing. I think we had to wait at least three hours for the F40 race at the end of the day. Sitting around like that in the heat takes a told on you. Not a bad start to the 2012 season though.

This first race weekend at HPT was a twin sprit weekend. That means double the the racing, and double the cost! With that in mind I only entered one race in the morning the next day Sunday, Middleweight F40 race two. Same as the day before, great start, finished 2nd. I should have won that race as I was riding nearly 2 seconds faster on Saturday. I was tired and am out of shape though and just did not have the will to do it. It was still a great weekend of racing! And I made it home in time to mow the lawn.. and I struggled with that too..LOL

next up is ROAD AMERICA!!!! YIPPEE! ---> jimmy

Gettin with it at Heartland Park 2012


In 42 days I will be loaded up and getting ready to depart on the start my 23rd year of roadracing motorcycles. This year I have been split on what series I wanted to chase. Either spend my entire time in Minnesota racing with the CRA, or spend it with the CCS racing mostly in Illinois. Either way I would hit a couple extra race tracks that are not in the schedule. With the option to go to Daytona at the end of the season if I've got a good points chase going, I chose to spend most of 2012 with the CCS Midwest Region.

My bike is and has been ready to go since the end of 2011. There are a few last minute updates I plan on adding though before heading to Topeka. I'm a procrastinator usually, so I've got a couple more weeks to Anyway, I'm ready to get back on track and race. Bring it on!

----> Jimmy



And here is the highlight of my 2011 racing season.. if you can really call it that. BRAINERD! It was 1989 and my very first time at a race track (I was spectating) that the racing bug really bit me and this is the place it happend at.

As the story seem s to go this year I once again pulled out the trusty iPhone and looked at the weather as I was heading into Iowa towards Blackhawk Farms in Illinois. Yup, you guessed it.. not a very good forecast for Blackhawk and Brainerd was going to be beautiful.. which it was!

My racing buddy Joe and I decided at that moment that we were driving to Minnesota. It's about the same drive and definitely a way faster track which seems to suit me better. It would be a late night for us though, as the CRA has different regulations as to bike preparation than other organizations have. Joe's bike would need several drill bits and a bit of safety wire to get up to spec for them. Me, I had the holes drilled, just needed them filled with safety wire.

As the sun came out on Saturday morning we knew we made the right choice. It was a beautiful morning and practice was starting early due to the fact that there was a five hour endurance race on Sunday and all the sprints were being run on Saturday. We talked about doing the endurance race, but it just wasn't in the cards for me due to the fact that I had to be back at work first thing Monday morning. Practice went really well for me. It had been since 2000 that I have been to this track, but it has always been one of my favorites and I remembered why really quick. I came off the track for the first time this year with a grin from ear to ear!

So on a side note this got me thinking, what are my favorite tracks? I've raced at over 20 different tracks across the USA. My short list of favorites are: Road America, Daytona, Brainerd, Road Atlanta and the first Heartland park configuration(which is gone so I really shouldn't count it).

So far this year I have created my own series racing where I wanted instead of chasing points. It's been fun. This year I've been to Heartland Park, Hallet, Blackhawk Farms, and Brainerd. This in turn means I've raced with the Championship Cup Series, the CMRA and the CRA. Four tracks and three different racing organizations.

And you know what.. I won my series! LOL! Not one other rider raced against me at all of these tracks!

My lap times weren't there yet, but they were coming down quickly. Joe on the other hand was having a bit of a hard time coming to grips with Brainerd's sixth gear wide open turn one. You can see some of his video's from the weekend on his YouTube page. He did really well for his first time at BIR.

First race of the day for me was Heavyweight Supersport. I got my usual good start and started moving forward. Being my first race of the day I was a little gun shy at passing. I ran off in turn seven a bit and finished up the race just getting a good rhythm going and getting comfortable. I ended up in 9th place and smiling from ear to ear. This track is a ball to race at! Next up was Middleweight Superbike. Once again a good start but not as good as it could have been. This left me doing quite a bit of passing on the first couple of laps and I was running down a large group of riders in front of me on the last couple of laps. I didn't have enough time to catch them, but I was coming and it felt great to be in the hunt! I finished in 8th place and gaining! That was AWSOME!

Exiting turn nine at BIR

My third race of the day was Formula 40. After the previous two races I was ready to put it to the old guys..LOL. I got my best start of the day and entered turn one drafting the winner on his 1000. By the time we got to the second lap that would be the last time I would see him. That bike had legs and he was riding it well. Next lap a red flag came out and we all headed back to the hot pits. At the restart it was exactly the same result. I was in second and never saw first place again as well as the other eight riders behind me. It felt good and I took 2nd Place!

The final race of the day for me was Unlimited GP. My 600 had no chance against the 1000's on the mile long front straight. I gave it my all, battled past a few riders and ended up in 9th place once again. Another good race and I had the most fun and best day of racing I had in 2011. I'm definitely making it back to ride here again next year!

Another unexpected find at BIR was the fact that they race Ninja 250's.. and a bunch of riders have them. We watched the 250 races and could not believe how much fun it looked like the riders were having. Close racing and lots of battles going on throughout the field. There are even Ninja 250's for rent! This just might be something I look into doing next year as well.. hmmmm.

Support those who support the sport! THANK YOU!

With my 2011 race season over I am already looking toward 2012. Currently the race schedules are not out yet. My plans are that I will be racing, but where is the real question. I had a great time at BIR with the CRA, but they only run the big track two times to the new smaller courses three. It's not that big of a deal really. Chasing the CMRA is out of the question, the tracks are just too far away. Maybe I'll try and make it to Hallet to redeem myself there? The CCS is usually the last to come out with their schedule so I'll really be waiting on them. I would love to race at Road America, but if the CCS doesn't;t go there like this year I won't be going there. Or maybe I'll make my own series like I did this year and have a ball spreading the roadracing word! Whatever it is I will be riding my GSXR600, toting my spare engine with me, and maybe you'll even see a 250 Ninja in my toyhauler if I get lucky!

Till next update sometime in December----> Jimmy



Straight up 2011 really was not my year for racing, but it did end up on a high note!

BIR Paddock.. It hasn't seen me in over 10 years

Between engines blowing, riders crashing, schedules changing and tracks flooding my last race weekend of the year was a blast from the past and really made me look forward to the 2012 season. Now, to read all about that you are going to have to wait because this site has been on the back burner since near the get go this year and I've got some season updates to type...

Hear we go... IT'S THE END OF MAY 2011 and I've spent the last few weeks rushing to get my bike back together and on the last day before its time to leave for the next race weekend I'm installing a new used engine I found on Got it all plugged in, it starts and runs, and off to the races I go.

The hills of Hallet,Oklahoma

It's 8am and I'm filling up the truck with gas and I decide to check the weather for Blackhawk Farms. Uh oh. It's gonna rain like crazy and I'm on my basically brand new shiny just painted and reassembled race bike. Well, I'm out of the points chase already since Heartland Park was a double race weekend (this is why double race or points weekends stink). No problem, it's supposed to be great weather in Oklahoma and Colorado.. Either an eight hour drive to Blackhawk Farms, Hallet Oklahoma, or Colorado. So off we go.. I haven't been to Hallet, Ok in over 20 years. In fact, Hallet was my very first race track I ever raced at back in 1989.. and that's the last time I was there too! So I will be lacking in the track knowledge department, not a problem because at least I am going racing.

Turns out I have a good friend who has started racing with the CMRA this year, John Deuser, and just my luck he asked if I would like to ride a five hour endurance with him and some of his new found racing friends at Hallet. (Since the Great Plains Region was removed from the CCS racing schedule this year a lot of racers have been displaced and started racing with other organizations.. looks like that is me now as well.) When I arrived at Hallet I could not believe how many racers were already at the track. I don't think I have seen this many people at a track since the mid 1990's! There is no lack of racers in the CMRA. Being an endurance weekend all the sprint races are on Sunday and the endurance races are on Saturday. That leaves me with zero time on my bike to make sure everything is ok since my rebuild, so its gonna be a lets try and survive type of day on Sunday.

As Saturday rolls around I find my new endurance partners and the bike we are going to be riding. Turns out to be a great bunch of guys and an old completely stock TL1000S. I've never ridden one, but I'm up for the challenge, and II hope John told these guys this is basically my first time on the track since my very first race ever back in 1989 (I think he left that part out..LOL). Anyway, I took a couple laps on the bike (its like riding a big couch), I kinda remember the track, and its time to go racing. Main game plan: don't crash this guys bike (it's his street ride), have fun, and don't crash this guys bike! Everything turned out well for our five hour race. I had a great time, learned which way the track went, made some new friends, and we took first place in our class!

Sunday morning was my first taste of Hallet on my own bike, and boy did it feel a lot better than that TL we race on Saturday. I got two short quick sessions on my bike and ended up pretty comfortable but definitely off the 600cc pace. I had three races, middleweight supersport, superbike, and formula 40. I was gridded around the 10th row for each of my races. For my first race I got the perfect launch and ended up around fifth place exiting turn one! From there I went over the wheely hill and felt like I was gonna launch to the moon.. that's about the time everybody got their positions back from me. I road as hard as I felt comfortable with trying to figure out how to make my bike get around the place as fast as I could without crashing. I ended up 18th. One thing I did notice was that my bike overheated on the cool down lap.. that made me start to question this new used engine for the first time. Next up was the 600cc superbike race and I just couldn't match that start from the first race, but is was great none the less! I felt better and actually battled with a couple of riders for position all race long which made me more confident for sure. My lap times dropped another two seconds but I still ended up 18th again. Then of course my bike overheated even quicker this time on the last lap.. not good. So I pretty much knew that I had a head gasket leaking, but how bad was it was the real question. I refilled the radiator one more time and got ready for my last race of the day. Unfortunately it was getting a lot warmer out and I was really worried about blowing up another engine. At the start of the formula 40 race I got another good launch and bounced off a couple guys which sent me off the outside a little into turn one. I recovered and was only able to do two laps before my bike was really overheating. I called it a day before it really broke and spilled more than just water on the track. Best thing about the day was that each time I went out on track I dropped about two seconds a lap (even on those last two laps!). With that in mind one more race and I could have been in the hunt for a position in the top ten with all those CRMA riders.

With that trip over, I got back to Clifford Cycles to do a leak down on my engine. As I suspected it had a blown head gasket. So off with it's head! A new head gasket showed up a week later and back together it went. One other thing we found with the new engine is whoever had been in it before me had the cams in wrong as well.. so we had to redegree them back in to spec. Now I have to cross my fingers it will last for the next few races.. great more to worry about.

My plan was to get out on a track day locally and give this new engine a proper shake down so I wouldn't have to be all worried about it at a race weekend. Guess what happens next, the day I get off from work to go get some laps in I find out that the local track Mid America Motorplex is going under water due to flooding! Great! Now I'm back to being worried or find a stock spare to take with me just in case. And to add to all of this the next race weekend I had planned I was unable to get off work.. seems everyone decided to go on short term all at once in the middle of summer.. oh well, guess I've got extra cash now for a spare engine. Clifford Cycles was able to locate one for me. Next up is Blackhawk Farms in August, see you there!

Blackhawk Farms Raceway Paddock

Once again I find myself heading to a track I have not been to in around 10 years. This whole no Great Plains Region thing is making me go back to traveling to a bunch which in turn makes it harder to get out of work due to two extra travel days which also means I don't get to go racing as much as I would like. Ugh!

It was nice to get back to Blackhawk Farms Raceway in Illinois in part for all of the upgrades they have made at the track. It has definitely turned out to be a nice place to travel to. The weekend started out with a heavy downpour of rain first thing in the morning. I really didn't mind that because I would be starting off a little slow learning the track again and Saturday was all day practice. It came back quickly though since I had raced there a lot between 1989 and 2001. This weekend was a really good one to attend due to the fact that it was the annual Red Flag Fund Auction weekend. The Red Flag Fund provides help to injured racers who are in need. For more information or donations please click on the the Red Flag Fund image on the right side of the page. My travel partner Mike and I did some bidding at the auction, but we were not able to outbid people on some of the really cool stuff that was available.. maybe next year!

Sunday morning racing got started early due to the one day race format. I entered four races for the day and was looking forward to the nice sunny day. First up was Solo GTO. I got a great start and had an uneventful race. I was the first finishing 600 in the big bike class at 5th place. Next up was the Heavyweight Superbike race. I ended up with a great start and rode a hard fought race. The leaders pace at this track is still a few seconds off mine, but I know that these riders are true locals and have a big advantage to someone like me who has to do the traveling routine to get to a track day or race. I ended up in 5th place once again and dropped my lap times a second!

Jill, Suzi and her boy, Todd and of course SuperDave

At this point in the day lunch time came around and it came around with a nice surprise.. old racing buddy Todd Harrington showed up to hang out. It was a nice surprise and great to see him. Now I just have to get him to come out some more and maybe do some team challenge racing with me next year.. HEAR THAT TODD... After lunch two more good friends showed up.. Jill, Suzi and her son showed up just as race time got started and the old stories began to fly!

Middleweight GP had a disastrous start for me. A bad launch left my front wheel in the air and a crappy turn one position. I road hard, battled for a few laps and ended up in 8th position. My lap times have leveled out now so its time to work harder on going faster. Back at the paddock the old stories were really flying. It was a really great time seeing my old friends again and having a good time. Such a good time that I missed my last race of the day! LOL... I can laugh because it was worth it. I will definitely have to get back here soon and spend an extra day or so in the area. Thanks for coming out to the track Todd, Jill and Suzi! Oh, and Dave I always enjoy your company too!



Well, things don't always go as planned. My start to the 2011 racing season ended in the second practice of the morning on April 23rd. I went down in turn two, a fast left hand turn on the gas. I tucked the front and slid and tumbled for quite a ways. (Did you know there is a ditch out there? I guess it's a good thing they moved that wall a couple of years ago otherwise I would be part of it!) I ended up with some holes in my leathers and a really sore neck and jaw. My my bike however, was down for the count. It tumbled and stuck the throttle on in the dirt. I crawled to it as fast as I could and shut it down.

Once I got back in the paddock it looked bad, but I knew I had all the parts except an for an engine. New radiator, subframe bandaged back together, bars, levers etc. It took a couple hours and it started and ran. So I figured I'd give it a shot in the first race, except that it didn't make it but just over half a lap and popped the engine. I guess it screamed just a little too long laying on its side in the dirt. Check please..

After that lackluster start to the season, I would really like to thank those who help me get to the races and have supported my racing for several years:

DP Brakes - Woodcraft - Clifford Cycles - Mason Racin Tires

And I would like to thank my newest sponsor for 2011 ------> Armour Bodies

So far my leathers have been repaired, my body has healed up, and my bike is coming together nicely. Armour Bodies body work is at my painters, Woodcraft replacement parts are all on the bike set up, and a new set of Mason Racin Tires' Michelin race tires are mounted. Last but not least Clifford Cycles and I are on the search for a new GSXR 600 Engine while we tear into the old ones to build a spare for next time.

See you at the races! ---> jimmy



Another month and a half and it will be race time. The 2011 Midwest CCS schedule has turned out be a short one this year, but that just means everyone will be at all the races and that will make for some exciting events. Most of the schedule is at Blackhawk Farms in Beloit, Illinois. I haven't been there for 10 years. No worry's though, I'm sure it will all come back really quick, Blackhawk Farms was always fun and always packed full of people.

More to come soon..



The 2010 season came to a premature holt once August hit. Rumors of the demise of the Great Plains Region were running wild. Then in September Heartland Park cancelled the last double points round of the season and thus ended my 2010 plans. Once the Championship Cup Series found out about the cancellation they quickly added the last great plains round to the midwest schedule, but by that time it was too late for me. I was unable to change my vacation at work with the short notice. That was it.. at least I won the last race I had competed.

Once the season was officially over I still ended up finishing pretty well considering I only attended about half the rounds. Here is how I finished the 2010 CCS Great Plains Region Championships:

Formula 40 - 3rd
Heavyweight Superbike - 3rd
Solo GTO - 6th

I would like to thank my 2010 Sponsors for all the support they provided me. Without them it would have been a much more difficult racing season.

As for 2011, the CCS Great Plains Region does not exist anymore. So, it looks like I will be racing in the CCS Midwest Region now, which also means I may be loosing my faithful number 61. We'll just have to wait and see how it all turns out early in 2011 for my bike number. Looking forward, racing in the midwest will be a new challenge. I will be racing back at a track that I used to race at all the time, but haven't for several years, Blackhawk Farms Raceway in S. Beloit, Illinois. This also means that I will have to travel a lot more to fight for a season ending championship. On the road again... cross your fingers so I can get some extra vacation this coming year and make some good results!

Check back in January for my 2011 bike number update, 2011 season schedule, as well as a new look and the addition of my BMX Racing Team Page with riders Kurtis Milroy and Hope Ward.

Happy Holidays!



Back to Heartland Park, Topeka for a back to back race weekend with Road America.

I was unable to get Saturday off at work so it turned out to be a work, drive, race, drive, work kind of weekend. I arrived late Saturday night with my boy Kurtis as my sole pit crew helper. We set up, made a late dinner, and went to bed (sound familiar). I had to work the entire week between races so the bike is exactly as I left it.. stock with no fuel tuning. After practice I could really tell the bike was down on power, a little lean and flat on top. Oh well, here we go!

First up was the Solo GTO race Running last weekends tires I got a great start as usual. I lead an uneventful race from the start till the last lap where the 1000cc bike that was stocking me the whole race finally decide to pull the trigger. I had nothing for him and finished second.. not a bad start to the day.

Next would be back to back races in the July heat of Kansas. Formula 40 was first and I knew I would have to dig deep if I was going to win this one. The flag dropped, and I got my usual hole shot of a start. I led right up and over turn Alpha. From there on all I saw was the back of Ron Mears' bike. I had nothing for him as he was riding a full second a lap faster than me that day. I held on for second place and raced back to hot pit lane for a big drink of water that my pit crew Kurtis was waiting with. I will say, Kurtis is a big help to have at the track, besides the usual comic relief he provides.. he handle my stands and tire warmers like a pro. This was the first weekend it would be just Kurtis and I, he handled himself well and I know I can count on him at future races.

Heavyweight Superbike would be another good race. I lead start to finish and was never headed. I did have one miscue breaking later than normal into turn eight, but I kept in on track and had a big enough lead it didn't matter. It was a nice short race day, and for Kurtis' first solo trip I think he was ready to go home too. I look forward to more of these father son races before he decides that he needs to be the one racing!

---> jimmy



Road America.. my favorite race track! It was a long haul to get there, but it was well worth it even though I had a little bad luck, I'd definitely do it again.

On the gas at Road America

It was a beautiful weekend for racing. We arrived Thursday night in time to set up our pit area, grill some good food and get some sleep. I brought along my family: wife Angee, son Kurtis, and good racing buddy Joe Wolf.

Friday was all day practice and I used my time getting up to speed and remembering how to keep it pinned on Road Americas long straights. Everything was going great right up until my last session when my engine dropped two intake valves. UGH! Well, good thing I brought my backup stock 600cc engine. I guess since I have popped two 750cc engines in the past three races I will be sticking to my 600 for now on.. it's getting a little too expensive real quick. Stock 600's are the game for now on! Back to my pit area.. it took 2 hours, but I got it swapped out and running, no real issues other than just having to do it.

Saturday morning came and I was ready for first practice on the 600. I made a guess on the gearing and headed out. About a lap and a half in though my oil light and FI light started flashing.. great, I pulled off so I wouldn't pop my last engine, turned the key off and on, started the bike and everything was just fine. To make a real long story short, I continued to have this same trouble throughout the morning practices and the days races. I decided that it was not an oiling issue so I would just disregard the oil light as the FI light was flashing, but when checked it showed no codes.

My first race was Solo GTO, and with my 600 I knew I was just using this for more practice. I nailed the start, but by turn one I was already getting smoked by all the 1000cc bikes. I ended up 10th, and the FI light was still on. Next race was Formula 40, and I still had no codes staying in the ecu to figure out my problem with. Again, I nailed the start and led through turn three before getting passed. It was an uneventful race but I was still worried about the FI light. I finished 4th. After the F40 race I searched the paddock for more information and was told to just leave the ECU in dealer mode by jumping the wires and just race it like that, so I did. Heavyweight Superbike was the race and I got another awesome start, battled for position and rode a good race to finish 5th. One better thing, my oil light stayed off, and as the race wore on I watched the FI Codes stream across my dash! Finally I had four different codes to look up in the service manual! Turns out it was giving me ignition codes for all four cylinders. I made a guess that it could only be my quick shifter. So I could unhook it, which would make shifting more of a chore, or change something and keep using it. So I shortened the shift delay and crossed my fingers for my last race of the day. Heavyweight Supersport was up, I got another awesome start, road a hard race, but ended up sixth this time, but the best thing was that there were no more codes, oil light or FI light! Finally got it figured out and all it was was the quick shifter delay. WHEW HOO! It was a stressful day trying to figure that out, but finally a relaxing night with no work to be done to the bike.

Sunday morning came and I was feeling really happy that everything with the bike was finally working good. Practice was good, and the Heavyweight Supersport race was up. Once again, holeshot! My wore out 600 engine is a little slow. Totally stock, no fuel adjuster or anything, so I knew I had been riding good cause I would just get smoked down Road Americas straightaways. But, I battled hard for most of the race and ended up 5th.

Next up was Formula 40, I mounted new Michelins and shortened my gearing for the headwind down the front straight. Once again a great start as I lead once again through turn three to be passed by turn four. First place was gone, but I had a race long battle with two other riders going for my second place. We passed back and fourth all race long until the final lap where I made my move and tried my best to run away. It was not to be though, I held them off to get beat right at the finish line. I ended up third, but it was a good third, I rode my butt off!

My last race of the day was Heavyweight Superbike. It was back to back with F40, and my water break never showed up (seems they were all excited for the good race that had just occurred). So I had to head out mouth dry, and really needing a drink. I nailed the start again, thought I would make a good second or third again, but ran it in too deep going into turn five and had to ride a daring race to eventually finish in fourth position by race end. I made some hard passes and got back by three positions to do it.

All in all it was a great July 4th weekend at Road America. I got seven great starts! I guess switching to the 750 class was not in the books for me, so it's back to 600 racing for now on! ---->jimmy



Believe it or not, I got married on May 1st, 2010! There has been talk that my performance at HPT was due to the following weeks marriage adventure (threats of no crashing, broken bones for the wedding, honeymoon.. etc..), I will not deny nor agree that threats happened, but all I can say is that the bike made it to the wedding!

Married on MAY 1, 2010!



The first race of the year couldn't have come any sooner for me. I was really ready to go about two weeks ago. This is racing though, and you wouldn't have any luck without some bad luck. The day practice started I was back at the shop trying to figure out why my bike wouldn't run properly. It wasn't the new motor, so I changed every piece of electronics on the bike including the wire harness and ended up with the same problem.. oh, forgot to check the fuel injection module.. yep, that's it.. now what? Clifford Cycles ended up flashing my ecu with their Teka Box and sent me on my way. The bike ran flawless from that point on.

A day late with a new engine and some guessing I got up to speed, but just not up enough to run at the front. My gearing was giving me fits.. it's just not the same riding a 750 compared to a 600. I never really came to terms with my gearing, but I settled on something and just rode it. With some new Michelins I gained some more confidence and was able to ride a little harder. At the end of the day on Saturday as I came into the pits I found out that my clutch would not release. It ended up that the outer drive plate was warped enough that I had to pry it out of the bike. Off on a search for some clutch plates, Lithium Motorsports had some, the wrong thickness, but I took it back and tried to make do. Little did I know that I did have some spares in the cartons of parts I had brought along so I was able to install a brand new clutch.

Sunday came along and it was cold and windy, and by this time I'm finding out that the long winter took it out on my body as I am feeling like I just got ran over by a truck.. already, ugh. I rode within my limits to make sure I could survive the day and at least finish all my races. Not the best weekend I have ever had, but not the worst either. I'll chock this one up to poor rider conditioning and make sure I am in better shape for the next round.

Saturdays races:

Solo GTO 7th
Formula 40 2nd
Heavyweight Superbike 7th

Sundays races:

Formula 40 5th
Heavyweight Superbike 7th



It's a new year and racing season is just around the corner. Over the past few weeks I've been trying to get everything tied up for the 2010 season. My engine from Daytona last October had less than desirable results and I now know why. What I found after a complete teardown was that the cylinders were cracked (burning oil and sounding like it was going to come apart.. not good signs.. at least it held together for the whole weekend). So now my time is instantly on the short end as I have to go about finding and building a complete new engine.

Looking ahead I plan on competing in the CCS Great Plains Region much like I did last year. A couple changes to my program though. I am going to stick to the same classes each weekend so I don't miss out on more championships like I did in 2009 (I missed out on winning three classes by only a few points). So it looks like the classes I will be racing are: Formula 40, Heavyweight Superbike, and Solo GTO. I'm excited to get going and start racing!



Daytona.. I don't know why I haven't been back there for such a long time.. I love that track!

It took around 25 hours to drive there, and one lap to remember why I love it.. the high banks of Daytona are the funniest place to ride.. I love it. After the long drive it was nice to get a real good nights sleep before hitting the track. I entered the Team Hammer track day the day before the races for a little extra practice and to make sure my bike was sorted since I was now riding a GSXR750 for the first time this year. The day went great, it was beautiful out, and the bike ran pretty good, but not perfect.

My Daytona Crew Chief KURTIS

Friday morning came and it was time to get back to work. I made some more changes to the fuel map to try and get rid of a stumble that plegged me all day in thursday practice, but it just did not want to go away. So it was time to ride and ride around any problems I may have. Solo GTO was my first race of the weekend. I knew I didn't have much of a chance of winning the race since it was basically a 1000cc race and all I've got is a 750cc. I took the hole shot and lead all the way to the first horseshoe where I backed it in a little too much and let a few get by. It was great to be back racing at Daytona though and I rode hard to finish 6th place, the first bike less than 1000cc. woot!

That was it for me on Friday, just the one race. On Saturday it would be another one race day, but it was the race I came for and really wanted to win, Formula 40. I got a great start once again, and was in good position to do battle race long. But then my new bike gremlins came back to haunt me. So I was settling for third when they got even worse. I basically gave away third place when I got a false neutral in the middle of the first horseshoe, so I coasted through the turn finally found a gear (the wrong one by the way) and took off. That little miscue allowed fourth place to catch, pass, and leave me lost in fourth as I rode to a lonely finish. Hey, at least I finished, and I know I can run at the front, and I'll be ready and in better position for next year!


Sundays races were more of the same finishes as Friday and Saturday. First was Heavyweight Supersport where I finished fourth once again. Then came the Heavyweight Superbike race which the Championship Cup Series had the grids all screwed up. I complained, and all they did was make a bad situation worse. Starting us five wide on the front row.. yea not good, I got the shaft from the grid marshal moving me all around at the start and then took the worst Daytona start ever. I ended up in sixth place, not happy, and ready to go home.

We loaded up the trailer after that last race, jumped in , and headed straight for Nebraska. All in all I think the weekend went well. I had a bike that was not performing well which will be sorted in time for next year, that is for sure. I believe that having to roll the throttle slowly out of every turn lost me at least two seconds a lap. Along with that I will get that tranny repaired as well and am planning on winning Formula 40 next year!

I would also like to thank Team Hammer for supplying me with some front brake pad pins which I had lost on the banking and made it back to the pits somehow. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

And one more Thanks to everyone who helped and supported me throughout 2009!

Look for more updates in the off season for what will be happening in 2010. --->jimmy



It was a quick trip down and back to Heartland Park Topeka on September 13. I had to work second shift on Saturday, and be back to work 1st shift on Monday.. lets just say not much sleep occurred during those 30 or so hours.

2009 Great Plains Formula 40 Champion

Tired, late and hungry, I barely made the last practice session. Everything was working and that's all that mattered. I just needed to finish the Formula 40 race to secure the championship I basically had already won the month before in St.Louis. The other two races I was racing to just get points for a good grid position for Daytona (now, if I had only thought of racing those classes consistently the whole year I could have won them as well).

First up was Heavyweight Supersport, I got a good start and hung in there for third place. Next up was the Formula 40 race. Again a good start but Ron Mears put up a really good fight. A couple of laps in I passed him on the exit of turn 10 and thought I was done with him since I was able to get a good pass on a lapper as well. Nope, he wanted it worse than I did that day and I ended up in second place. That was a fun race! Directly following the F40 race was Heavyweight Superbike. Yep, no rest for the tired.. I ended up an ugly second place with a ride I would rather forget.. at least I finished.

See you all at Daytona! ---> jimmy



The road to Gateway was a new experience this time. I just purchased a new trailer that makes things much more comfortable at the track . And along with it, came the entertaining Kurtis Stunt Show.

The new trailer and the Kurtis Stunt Show

Saturday was all day practice and I was able to get right up to speed and back to where I left off two months earlier. Gateway is a fun track to ride, it's just too bad it is an eight hour drive to get there. During practice I was able to use data from my last visit along the days laps in my Athon GPS Lap timer and find a couple spots on track where I could make up some time. It worked out good for me as I was able to drop another second off my lap times.

My first race on Sunday was Solo GTO, I used this for a little more track time and finished off the set of tires I had used on Saturday. I got a good start, ran a consistent race and ended up in third place against the bigger bikes. Next up was the Heavyweight Supersport race before lunch, then the Formula 40 race after lunch. For these races I mounted a new set of Michelin Power One Race Tires from Mason Racin Tires, these were going to be hard races to win.

Heavyweight Supersport was a great race. The start was good, it was neck and neck to turn two where local rider Quilman took to the lead. I was able to put on a good chase and keep up with him for the entire race. He showed me some good lines and I was able to catch him in a few spots too. Holding on, I finished in second place, and very happy with this result as I dropped my times some more, and found a place I could work on to gain some more speed.

The last race of the day for me was Formula 40. With a good start, I pushed to turn one and lead every lap to the finish. Second place Mears didn't just give it to me either. I had to take a couple of looks back as it started to sprinkle on the last two laps. A couple of lappers helped me cruise to the first place finish. Overall, not a bad race day, a 3rd, 2nd, and 1st, got all the positions covered! ---->jimmy



If you don't crash every once in a while you're not trying hard enough. At least I'm trying hard.

The July 10-12 race weekend at Heartland Park was a double points weekend for the Championship Cup Series. The weather outlook was not good, but turned out to be better than it could have been. Saturday was dry, and Sunday was a combination of wet dry the whole day.

My first race of the weekend was Formula 40. I was ready to go out and dominate. a little too ready. I got the hole shot and lead to turn four where I tucked the front and slid off the track. I ended up ok, just a face full of dir t.. that'll make you mad, believe me! I tried to lift the bike but I couldn't, so a corner worker came over and helped me get it up and pushed out of the way. I looked the bike over, pulled the mud divit out of the exhaust pipe and decided that I could gain some valuable points if I could get a few laps in. The only real damage was the right handlebar was bent up and the break lever was real close to the front fairing. The bike started so I gave it a go. Well, I got about six feet before I was on the ground again. I tried to turn but when I did the front brake lever pushed against the fairing locking the front brakes. The friendly corner worker helped me up once again, but this time the bike wouldn't start. I kept trying though, and it finally fired. So I made a big wide turn this time to get pointed the right direction and made it to the track. With my right arm up in the air from the bar being bent I took it pretty easy, I got in two laps and finished the race saving a bunch of points and barely holding on to my points lead.

Back in the pits it was a rush to get my bike back in shape. I knew it would not be a big deal cause I always have spares ready to go. With about 20 minutes till my next race the bike was all fixed up. Next race was Heavyweight Superbike. I got a good start, rode hard, and finished a nice 4th place. I was happy everything worked good and the race was uneventful. My last race on Saturday was Heavyweight Supersport. It didn't seem to go so well. I got a bad start, and couldn't pull it together to catch anyone ahead of me, I finished 7th.. at least I finished!

Saturday evening I went searching for a few more seconds off my lap times. I had been noticing some problems with my bike and thought maybe I ought to get a second opinion on my shock. So I took it off the bike and over to my good buddies over at Trackside Suspension Engineering. Turns out I wasn't so far off about my shock having a problem. They rebuilt it for me, I got it on the bike, made some shots in the dark for setup in the morning and went to bed.

Sunday morning it rained, and once it stopped it wasn't going to get sunny anytime soon. I debated a lot on putting rain tires on and decided against it. With my rebuilt shock I just wanted to make sure it was in the ball park anyway. The first race of the day was Heavyweight Supersport, it turned out to be a wet race so I did 2 laps and came in before I ended up in the dirt again. Kind of a waste. A few hours later was my next race, Formula 40. The track had dried, but there were three spots where water was running across the track, and go figure, not on a straight, but in the middle of turns two, five and 14. I gave it my best and got the lead right away, but I was just too shakey going through the wet turns, I ended up bringing it home in second place.

My final race of the day was Heavyweight Superbike. Once again I got a good start, and stayed with the leaders for a couple laps before they just pulled away. I ended that one in 4th place again. Not too bad considering the wet corners and all. My shock seemed to work good, but I am going to need a good dry practice to get it set up just a little better. In the end Trackside Suspension Engineering did a great job and I will definitely be using them more! See ya next time. ----> Jimmy


Ready to Race at Gateway

It has been a real long time since I have been to St.Louis to go racing at Gateway International Raceway. So long, that the track I last rode on has been bull-dozed and made into a NASCAR Speedway. 1990 was the the year, and it didn't end good. My 1987 600 Hurricane back then left with less bodywork, bent forks, and a little part of St.Louis in it.

That was then, and this is now, I love a new challenge , but I was a little skeptical of riding in a NASCAR Bullring of a track.. they are always dangerous and full of walls. We (I brought the family along for this road trip) arrived a little late on Saturday for practice which meant that I would only be able to get in two 20 minute sessions to learn the track before Sundays races. No big deal really, I've been to lots of tracks and a few of these bull-rings as well. The only difference come to find out.. THIS TRACK HAS A NO PASSING ZONE! WHAT?! This is racing, not driving down the highway. I guess that says it all for how dangerous this track can be. Anyway, practice went well, and armed with the data from my Starlane GPS back at the hotel I made a plan to get up to race pace on Sunday.

Sunday morning I decided to enter an extra class for a bit more track time. I entered the Solo GTO race (25 minute timed race). The race went great. I hole shotted the start, let through turn two and got passed by the 1000cc bikes that GTO allows in the class. No big deal, this is practice anyway. I ended up dropping my times another four seconds from Saturday, and with one rider crashing out ahead of me I finished a respectable 2nd Place for my first race at Gateway.

Leading out of Turn 2 at Gateway

Next up was Heavyweight Supersport. I changed my gearing and added some new Michelin Tires from Mason Racin Tires and was set for the race. Once again I got the hole shot and the lead. Short lived it was, but it was an uneventful race and I brought it home once again in 2nd Place.

After lunch was my championship race Formula 40. I'm leading the points in the class and am planning on keeping my lead. The second place points holder was at the event and I was focused on keeping my lead. I started the race with my 3rd hole shot of the day. YES! From there I lead the first two laps and found myself underpowered as a Ducati 1098 passed me down the front straight. The Ducati has long been considered too big of a bike for this class and I know why now. My 600 was no match for the 1098's Horsepower or the local guy who was riding it's track knowledge. At least I now know what I am up for come Daytona in the fall. I finished 2nd, and beat the people I needed to to hold on to my number position in points.

My last race of the day was Middleweight GP. Just before the start of the race the sky opened up with a little sprinkling of rain. Gateway is too dangerous of a track for me to race without rain tires, and I had no time to get them put on. I sat out the race, loaded up early, and hit the road happy with my 2nd place day full of great starts. Next up is back to Heartland Park July 10-12th. ----> jimmy



Turn 12 at Heartland Park

Back at Heartland Park once again, but this time the rain stayed away. May 23-24 was a beautiful weekend at HPT. Saturday was all day practice and Sunday all day racing. What more could you ask for? How about my mojo back please...

Sunday morning started out with the Heavyweight Supersport race. I had a great start, ran at the front for a couple of laps, and slowly went backwards. I don't know why, but I just was not comfortable. I brought it home in 8th place.. ouch, that hurts. Not where I like to finish.

Next up was Middleweight Supersport. Once again, I've got my starts back where they need to be. I can launch just like I used to on the drag strip. But after a couple of laps I found myself grasping for some sort of comfort level to be able to continue the pace that the leaders were putting down.. I just didn't have it for some reason.. I know my bike is stock, and others obviously are not, but I've got more game than this. I came home in 7th place.

So I sat down and thought about changing a whole bunch of stuff on the bike, rear shock clicks here and there, gearing changes.. nope, I just decided that it's not the bike, it's the rider. Focus.. that's what I needed, and the next race was my championship hope, Formula 40, and I focused and won. And, I did faster laps than I had in the previous two races.. go figure.

The last race of the day was Middleweight GP. Again, I got a great start, kept the leaders in sight, and finished in 5th place. I feel like I could have rode harder, but it just was not my weekend outside of the Formula 40 class. I need to work on getting back into a better frame of mind, cause my bike is running as good as it is going to. Focus, hit the bicycle a little more, and head to the next race weekend.. June 6-7 at Gateway in St. Louis. See ya there ---> jimmy



2009 Union Pacific Motorcycle Safety Day

On May 9th, 2009 the bike was on display at Union Pacific's Harriman dispatching center. It was their motorcycle safety awarness day.

One of more than 20 bikes on hand, the #61 Milroy Racing machine stood out like a sore thumb in a crowd of street cruising machines.

----> jimmy



It's racing season and with one race weekend under my belt for 2009 I would like to take a moment and thank the company's who are making it possible for me to continue to make podium finishes:

Clifford Cycles, Michelin - Mason Racin Tires, DP Brakes, Woodcraft, Triangle Body Shop, Sidi Boots, Pilot Leathers, Penski Shocks, Visionsports Riding Schools

Turn 8 in the lead at HPT

Heartland Park, Topeka, Ks was the first stop for the 2009 Championship Cup Series Great Plains Region. My plan, dominate the Formula 40 class and back that up racing in the Heavyweight Supersport and Superbike classes as well.

Everything was going to plan except for the weather outlook for the weekend. Friday practice was good, I worked out the winter bugs and got right up to speed by the end of the day. The only weather issue on friday was the big headwind down the front straight.

Saturday morning I mounted up the new Michelin Power One Race Tires and instantly dropped my times. I couldn't be happier as I had already bested my fastest lap time ever at HPT in two laps on the new Michelins!

My first race of the day on Saturday was Formula 40. I got a good start, and so did Ron Mears, except by the end of the first lap he had to exit the track with bike issues. So I put my head down and lead the race for the next few laps until it started to rain. I backed it off a little, but that was not enough.. as I started to power out of turn 8 I lost both the front and rear and almost hit the ground. I don't know how I saved it, but it came back and that was it for my mixed weather race. I backed it off more and unfortunately gifted my huge lead to the 2nd and 3rd place riders. I finished 3rd, not happy, but glad I didn't crash out. Dueser got the gift from me, Merry Christmas John. Next was Heavyweight Superbike, an uneventful race I finished 4th. Then the rain really hit, without time to change wheels with my rain tires mounted on them, I went out on dot race tires.. it was slippery, we'll say I rode very safe, and brought the bike home in 5th place in Heavyweight Supersport.

Sunday, it was the same story.. weather.. off and on rain, the worst conditions to race in. This time my first race was Heavyweight Supersport, I got a miserable start, and really didn't feel like pushing it in the wet/dry conditions, I brought it home safely in 11th place. Next up was Formula 40 again, and it was dry. Same deal as Saturday, I got a good start, chased Mears down by the end of lap one, he pulled off once again, and I ran away with my First Win of the Year! That felt great! I had back to back races so I didn't even get a chance to relax,I stayed out on hot pit and went right into the next race, Heavyweight Superbike. I got a decent start, got stuck behind a couple slower riders, and by the time I got past them and started charging to the front the race was over, I ended up in 6th place.

Not too bad of a start to the season. I got my first win this year already, and will kick myself all season long for giving away the other one. See you all next time! ---> jimmy



It's 2009 and time to work on a new championship!

My plan for 2009 is to become the Formula 40 National Champion. Along with that I will pick up the regional title as well. Also, I'm working on trying to find a Lightwieght Formula 40 racebike so that I may attain that title too! I'm as excited for a new season of racing as I ever have been, so look out!


________________________________________________________________ 2009 Tentative Schedule

April 24-26 Heartland Park Topeka, KS Championship Cup Series Racing
May 23-24 Heartland Park Topeka, KS Championship Cup Series Racing
June 6-7 Gateway Intl., E.St.Louis, IL Championship Cup Series Racing
July 10-12 Heartland Park Topeka, KS Championship Cup Series Racing
August 15-16 Gateway Intl., E.St.Louis, IL Championship Cup Series Racing
September 12-13 Heartland Park Topeka, KS Championship Cup Series Racing
October 15-18 Daytona Intl.Speedway, Daytona,FL Race of Champions

*Along with the above schedule I will be racing BMX every Friday night schedule permitting along with my boy at Omaha BMX April - November.



The last race weekend of the Great Plains region was up at Mid America Motorplex and I got to attend and race. WHEW-HOO!

The Pits

Being the last race weekend of the season in the area and my lack of actual racing these past two years I figured I had better make sure I can attend and make a good showing, If my plans for next season are going to come to fruitation.

Saturday mornings practice was an eye opener.. MAM is even bumpier than before! I can not believe it, but it is. My bike was set up for how smooth HPT is and that just didn't work at MAM. So I had to go back to the beginning with my suspension and figure something new out. It took four sessions, but I got it in the ball park just in time in the last session before the races.

First up, visit my favorite Michelin Tire man, Tom Mason. Once everything was mounted I was ready to race. My first race of the weekend was Heavyweight Supersport and held second place till the last lap, I ended up third.
Next was Middleweight Superbike and I guess I jumped the start or something since my number was on the board with the meatball flag a waving. I figured I'd serve my penalty right away so I would have time to make up some positions.. and that worked great. I ended up in fifth place after a stop and go penalty (not too bad I must say).
This racing thing is coming back my way this weekend and I had a ball. Middleweight Grandprix was up next and I got to use my elder age and treachery to conspire and bring it home in third place once again for the weekend.
Finally the superbike shootout was up and everyone was talking about not running it and all since it's basically burning up a set of tires with no contingency and just a trophy for the winner. I had qualified third for the race and decided not to just hand it over to the rest of the racers. I started the race. Ran second to Matt Hall for a few laps and decided that was all I was going to do. I pulled in. I just wasn't up to the pace and did not have the endurance yet to go that distance with that track beating the hell out of me on my bike. I chose to bring it home in one piece. I guess I'm getting a little older now..LOL .

On a side note, I have started my training program for next season. Been hitting the trail on my mountain bike for starters and making sure I'm on it at least every other day.
More to come regarding next season! -->JIMMY



HPT Superbike Weekend. - Ok, so all the hardware I brought home was my bike in one piece, and a bunch of burnt up race tires... and I had a ton of fun! No crashes. Bike ran great besides a small electrical gremlin which was quickly repaired, and I am ready for the stock forks to get revalved, I need a little more adjustment. That's ok, they'll finish the season and that will be a winter project. I am really pleased to be riding as well as I am on stock forks.

Fridays promoter practice was really good for me. I chased my tail all day long making adjustments to the bike and learning a few things in the process. I still had some spots on the track that were upsetting the bike under power, but I could deal with those. Saturday came around and it was time for qualifying. I put a new set of Michelin Pilot Powers on and headed out. The tires worked great and inspired me to run faster times than I did the entire previous day .

The Grand Prix 10 lap race I qualified on the third row. I got one of the worst starts I have ever had.. straight to the back I went. I battled race long with my friend Meghan Stiles, she stalked me the whole race and beat me the last tow laps.. good fun had by all. I ended up finishing 8th. For the big Superbike 20 lapper I qualified on the 6th row. At the start of the race I got an even worse start! I think it was actually the worst one of my 20 years in racing. That's ok, so did Meghan.. did I say I used to race her dad when I started racing and she was a toddler.. man that makes me feel old. ha ha. Anyway, I got stuck at the back behind some guys parkin it everywhere, but their bikes were fast! That made for some hard riding to get around them and start pickin off some of the faster riders. Then, there in the distance I could see my buddy Scott Ackerman.. He ended up with the biggest target on his back and my bike was the bullet! So I put my head down and did a strong string of laps a second better than my qualifying time. Those were laps in the range of 10-15 out of 20. I caught him, passed him, and ran out of steam. 20 laps of hard riding drains you, and I haven't been on the bike or anything for that much lately. I was in 10th place and it was either finish or risk crashing.. I finished in 13th, and am happy I did.

I vow to get back into racing shape and that starts now!



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It's August and fall is coming fast.. what more can I say, the past three months have gone by fast, and I haven't been at the racetrack as much as I would have liked to. I've at least been to Heartland Park in Topeka, Kansas once a month teaching with Visionsports Riding Schools and I was able to make it to Mid America Motorplex this past Sunday during a NESBA event.

Some of the most fun with a school I have had this past summer was the Visionsports Riding Schools Racer University. Helping current racers to go faster and helping them set up their equipment. It's a different kind of enjoyment passing along some of those specialized skills. Although, don't get me wrong, every school is fun! The smiles we get from those who have never been to the track before are never ending. I look forward to the rider schools each month for that reason.. helping others enjoy the fun of the racetrack and seeing those never ending smiles.

Finally, I've made my way back to MAM for the first time in almost two years. It was the hottest day of the year though.. nearly 101 degrees.. but well worth it. It seemed like everyone there had been through one of my past schools, it was like a big unplanned class reunion. Nice to see everyone is still enjoying the track and riding their hearts out. People were coming out on to the asphalt to say hi, and it was great to get a group of riders from the forum together at the racetrack for once.

Next up for Milroy Racing is August 15 -16th at HPT for some racing action, I can't wait! And everyone head to and order some photos from them, they've got some great shots!



"Racing is living, everything else is just waiting." Oh for the love of racing... Heartland Park was my first race in a year and a half, and I remember why I love to race more than ever now. It was a great weekend April 25-27.

Sure I've been teaching a few classes hear and there, but it's just not the same as going head to head pushing the limits. Friday was practice only for me and all went well except for a fogging face shield. The new Penski shock was working well and I was getting comfortable with the bike in race mode. Saturday I signed up for the middleweight grand prix and heavyweight superbike. The gp race was going extremely well for my first race back in the saddle except for the fact that now I had new Michelin tires on and they were working excellent. My problem is that I had been practicing on old tires and they must have been sliding a bit because now they were hooking up and that brought on some suspension problems. Did I say I was doing back to back races for my first time back?! So I rode conservatively to finish the race and make a quick adjustment before the next race started asap (thanks for the help Mike Casey and Meghan Stiles) MWGP 9th. Well, to make a long story short, the next race went pretty much the same as the first one especially since I went the wrong way with my shock adjustment and made my problem more profound. I rode a little harder anyway since I knew I would be done for the day. HWSB 4th.

Sundays races were big ones for me, unfortunately they were over quickly for Middleweight Supersport and Heavyweight Supersport were both Suzuki Cup Races and I wanted to win! Hopefully with the rear end finally adjusted in the right direction everything would be working smoothly. Starting from the back of the grid is always a challenge, and I got a great start passing several bikes heading into turn one. From there I passed one more rider entering turn three. Exiting three entering four I was making loads of time on the three bikes grouped ahead of me. As I entered turn four I was already planning on passing all three on the brakes going into turn five when the the front tucked (turn four). I held onto the right bar so the bike would pull me off the track and as I slide around I looked up and saw four white number plates taking evasive action as to not run me over (thanks guys!!!). My self and my bike came out ok, except we were both a ball of mud. You see, it pored rain the night before. The track was green again from the rain, and the inside of some of the turns were still a bit damp. Hey, that's racing, and not my first dance with the track.. and probably not the last. Either way I missed out on the days Suzuki Money and I'll say it was down to rider error, trying to hard to soon --> Jimmy



It is that time of year again, time to start thinking RIDE! The weather here in Nebraska is finally breaking into the 50's regularly now and that means to me it's time to ride. When I say ride the first thing that comes to my mind is racing.. and with gas prices these days it also means dust off the 400 Bandit and start riding to work and saving gas money.

The 2008 Milroy Racing Machine
The new race bike has come to reality and has taken shape. I think now is the time to make mention of those who have really helped put together the new bike. I'll start with Dave Rosno and the Visionsports Riding School. Without his rallying and help this upcoming season may well have been in the gutter before it even started. Clifford Cycles for everything they do and provide. Woodcraft -cfm (engine guards, clip-ons, rearsets, levers, stands), Triangle Body Shop in Omaha, Nebraska for the great paint job, Penski Racing shocks, Michelin Tires, DP Brakes, and of course MILROY (that's me, the one who spends countless hours working, wrenching, building, and detailing everything - a one man do-it-yourself wrencher-and-rider), and my family who put up with all of my antics.

The plan for this year is to first teach skills to the students of the Visonsports Riding Schools, and second to attend and win as many races as possible. April 14th is the first rider school at Heartland Park Topeka. April 26-27 is the first race weekend also at HPT.


December 20, 2007
*** For Immediate Release ***

Visionsports Riding Schools Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Eagle, WI - Visionsports Riding Schools Celebrates fifteen years of
motorcycle schools in 2008.  "I honestly can't believe we've been doing this
for so long, but it has been fun and exciting to work with so many riders
over the years," says Dave Rosno, chief instructor for Visionsports.
Visionsports works with riders of different skill levels.  From new to
experienced track day riders and new to experienced road racers.

The 2008 Visionsports' schedule will see the continued partnership with
Blackhawk Farms Raceway and Heartland Park Topeka through their track day program.  In addition to the Visionsports' instruction, students receive lunch and a souvenir DVD.

Returning to Visionsports in 2008 will be the Visionsports Racer University
programs and James Milroy, Jr.  "Jimmy is a welcome return to our program. He and I 'grew up' racing together regionally and nationally.  When he lived in Chicago, he worked with us, but when he moved to Omaha, Jim developed the successful MAM Rider School.  We welcome his return to Visionsports. The Visionsports Racer University returns to both tracks in 2008 after scheduling and snow caused problems in 2007.  It is a unique, more intensive course for the experienced licensed road racer."

Returning rider discounts available to former graduates or that discount can be given to one of two pediatric cancer programs.

More information is available at or by calling (262)902-9105.



This is it, the first test page of the new James A. Milroy Jr web site. After racing for nearly 20 years I have finally designed my personal web site for the public to see. Yes I have had other web sites, but non devoted to me personally. Me, Me, Me.. Is that bad? Who cares. It's all about having fun anyway.

Racing motorcycles has been my passion for a l-o-n-g time. I first got interested in racing in 1988 watching Fred Merkel winning the first World Superbike series on ESPN. I've still got most of that year on VHS! Way cool to go back and watch.
Raymond Roche's Ducati
1989 BIR WSB

Then my very first real live racing experience in person was the 1989 Brainerd International Speedway World Superbike Event. My buddy Troy and I drove his brown pickup truck right to the middle of the World Superbike Paddock (unquestioned mind you), parked, set up our red and white covered wagon looking tent in the bed of the truck and began to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the racing community. I remember waking up after the first night in the bed of the truck (in the WSB paddock!) listening to european voices commenting on our tent (they liked it by the way). Then a huge roar as the sound of my first Ducati filled my eardrums. I got up quick, grabbed my camera and took this picture.

The BIG10 Covered Wagon
Our new friend and first known racer buddy was competing in the AMA races that weekend as well, Dave Rosno. He actually talked us into going to the races, and I'm glad he did. Next for us that year was the Road America AMA races and the California Superbike School following the weekend. There was no such thing as a track day back then and that's where I got my road racing license and it all began. A month later we drove to Hallet Raceway in Oklahoma and started racing. That's the short story of how it all began.

Of late I have been doing more instruction than racing. This began in 2000 when I started taking part in Dave Rosnos' Visionsports Riding Schools program. Then in 2002 I started out on my own with my MAM Rider School. I had a wonderful school going until the end of 2006. In 2007 the local track cancelled its weekly riding club and that was that. Late in 2007 Dave and I ran across each other again late in the season and I was able to lend a hand again with two of his schools at Heartland Park in Topeka, Kansas.

It's been a long journey and there are hundreds of great stories and people I've met along the way, but I'll save that for another time. Welcome to my place and enjoy. ---> Jimmy

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